Our disruption of the status quo is a game changer.

Savings of up to 20% are hiding in your data.

Historical procurement-minded practices are outdated and blind to savings that are significant and ongoing. Here’s why. According to the status quo, energy is a non-controllable expense and an easily procured commodity. Energy supply decisions are generally focused on procurement and considered complete once the energy contract is signed. Energy efficiency initiatives are conducted in siloed operating functions, usually by facilities professionals, and there is no data sharing; billing and usage information is processed without much scrutiny in a finance function. Overall, there is very little transparency and accountability for potential company-wide energy savings.

Acclaim is blazing a new trail and disrupting the status quo by taking data from smart meters, combining it with market pricing information and looking across siloed functions to pinpoint specific opportunities to reduce on-going energy costs.

While IT and risk management functions were once hidden across multiple siloed departments and relegated to lower-level decision makers, these same functions today command senior-level company-wide focus. Best-in-class companies are now applying that same emphasis to the energy cost category by having senior management oversight and an enterprise-wide strategy. As part of Acclaim’s client engagement, we reinforce the value – and impact – of focusing on the whole organization and elevating energy to a senior executive priority.