retail and office commercial managing energy consumption
CommercialAcclaim’s expertise, processes and tools improves overall energy performance

Managing energy can be difficult due to the volatility of energy costs, regulatory changes and new M2M technology. Today, energy is one of the largest operational costs and must be used efficiently and cost effectively. Acclaim Energy provides the insights and expertise to help reduce consumption, optimize your facilities, and even help generate revenue for your business.

North America’s largest retailers and commercial real estate owners and managers are turning to Acclaim Energy to assist them in their quest to effectively manage all facets of their energy portfolio. The reasons? Acclaim has a proven reputation for possessing the expertise and systems to manage the dynamics of large portfolios of properties to achieve lowest prices, negotiate the most favorable contracts and maintain accurate property data.

Acclaim’s focus is simple. We work relentlessly to create value and manage price risk. We are always monitoring the energy market, and our client’s operational and business issues, to provide the highest level of service. We don’t engage in activities that are not our core competency or lead to a conflict of interest. We are transparent, independent and intensely focused on providing the most sound advice and support available in the industry.

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