energy market expertise to meet your needs
Who We Work WithDeep energy market expertise to meet your needs

Acclaim’s energy consultants have considerable working knowledge in many industry sectors. This allows Acclaim to provide valuable guidance on a range of energy management issues specific to major sectors including Healthcare, Government, Commercial, Industrial, Education, and Private Equity.
Many of our clients rank among the top in their industries, i.e. retail, commercial, education, manufacturing, healthcare, etc. However, we also advise mid-sized businesses and government agencies. Most of our work is done in teams, because collaboration is the most effective way of leveraging the diverse knowledge of our people to deliver the best results for your organization. We know that custom energy solutions yield the greatest competitive advantage, so we only recruit the most passionate, knowledgeable and proven energy experts.


Large hospitals and healthcare providers spend nearly $8.8 billion on energy each year to meet patient needs. As they realize that energy is a key area that can be better managed to rein in costs, Acclaim is there to help.


Acclaim Energy Advisors is a leading provider of energy management services, working with over 300 Municipal Utility Districts to lower energy costs and advise on regulatory issues.


Retailers and commercial property managers have unique needs. Property portfolios are constantly changing. Publicly-owned companies in particular require rigorous process and documentation requirements. Acclaim, as energy advisor to some of North America’s largest retailers and commercial property owners, is well-equipped to serve all of our clients’ needs.


Industrial consumers have distinct energy requirements. Structuring the ideal energy supply contract demands expertise in the energy markets and a complete understanding of available contracting options. An expert energy advisor should also understand their client’s particular operational needs.

Education and Government

U.S. higher education institutions spend about $14 billion annually on energy. As budgets shrink, colleges, and universities must reduce spending and maximize funding to stay competitive.

Private Equity

Private equity firms must balance transactional activity with operational focus to maximize stakeholder value. Discover how Acclaim assists clients in reducing energy operations costs.