Distributed Generation (GenMax)Whole-house backup power

Our proprietary distributed generation solution, GenMaxSM, ensures affordable backup generation when grid power is interrupted. This solution is designed to maximize a company’s return on investment, protect against price volatility during peak demand periods and ensure seamless continuity of energy service.

GenMaxSM also offers opportunities to sell residual power back to the grid, creating an additional revenue source. Our energy experts assess whether a company is best positioned to deploy in an electricity grid emergency, voluntarily during highest usage days or during periods of high wholesale prices.

GenMaxSM makes a complex business issue simple:

  • Provides a powerful return on investment of 20% or more of a company’s annual electricity costs
  • Ensures whole-house standby power for facilities
  • Improves the reliability of your standby system
  • Manages price risk consistent with a company’s unique needs
  • Represents an additional source of revenue

With financing options available, Acclaim Energy’s GenMaxSM solution is monitored, fully warrantied and backed by a proven track record.