energy information management
Demand ResponseBenefit from supply and demand fluctuations

Demand Response is a key component in any integrated energy solution focused on savings because it connects the two sides of the equation: supply and demand.

Here’s how. Energy costs typically rank among the top five expenses a company incurs each month. Demand Response provides a unique opportunity to turn strategic energy usage into a revenue stream by balancing supply and demand. By committing to energy load reduction at specified times or during peak demand, which supports the grid’s never-ending need to balance supply and demand, a company can reduce its overall energy spend and capitalize on financial incentives.

Acclaim Energy will customize a Demand Response strategy that addresses:

  • An added level of price protection
  • How and when to curtail energy usage
  • Automated controls to respond to predetermined reduction measures
  • Bundling demand response with your electricity contract
  • Aggregating with other businesses, if necessary, to qualify for participation
  • Financial incentives