Ryk Holden

Ryk Holden 4

Senior Vice President

I’ve spent 30 years mitigating risks, optimizing energy services and improving financial performance for businesses.

2007 After running an energy services company for more than a decade, I joined Acclaim Energy to translate my technical expertise to broader markets across the United States and Canada. Ours is not a fixed-price world, and therein lies my technical niche in optimizing opportunities associated with commodity trading and price risk, energy procurement, distributed generation, demand response and micro-grids. I have a passion for identifying unique opportunities and product sets that reduce our customers’ energy costs and better control their energy usage, and we’ve gained the loyalty of seasoned, complex energy customers as their committed and trusted advocate.

1997 I experienced the energy industry from both sides of the fence as founder and President of Holden Energy for 10+ years. While leading the company to profitability and notoriety in a very short period of time, I also spearheaded the firm’s energy risk management for commercial and industrial organizations, including hospitals, medical centers and public agencies, among others.

1995 As a senior executive at Castle Energy Corp., I continued to manage key energy relationships, identify emerging opportunities and negotiate and administer complex contracts in the electricity and natural gas markets.

1988 As Program Director and later in senior and executive management positions with Enron and MG Corp, I worked closely with the teams who developed the first forward markets for natural gas. I was also among the first traders and originators working with energy producers and industrial energy users at the start of the NYMEX natural gas futures contract and helped develop financial products that became commonly used by industry participants, including energy companies, industrials and lending institutions.

1982 I began my career with Shell Oil, first as an offshore project engineer, and later as program developer to sell shut-in gas production to alternative markets during the height of the take-or-pay energy contracts debacle that was caused by federal deregulation of the natural gas market.

1981 I’m a highly technical, numbers-driven person, so I was in my element studying mechanical engineering in college. After graduating from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a Bachelor of Science, I embarked on what is now a 30-year career enabling new opportunities for customers through energy hedging and trading, business process optimization, energy contract structuring and risk mitigation. I’ve also instructed trading and hedging classes, and authored articles on energy risk management for medical journals, oil and gas magazines and business publications.