Richard Zdunkewicz

Richard Zdunkewicz 13

Executive Vice President

I’ve spent the bulk of my career managing operational complexities to ensure a company can deliver what it sells.

2006 More than three decades of experience in energy and financial services provided the building blocks for joining Acclaim Energy in a finance and operations role. In our business, we must be able to deliver and manage what we sell, and that’s my primary focus. As Senior Vice President of finance and operations, I manage all aspects of transaction pricing, price risk management, accounting controls, data management, human resources, finance and client services. At the end of the day, it’s my job to ensure that both Acclaim Energy and our clients realize on their expectations.

1998 The economy was booming in 1998 when I joined Enron Energy Services, and it was an exciting time to spearhead product development and oversee transaction structuring for an iconic global conglomerate. While the pendulum of the company’s story swung from America’s most innovative company for six consecutive years to an ending that’s one for the history books, my experience there was invaluable and provided me with the experience and insight needed to manage a complex and growing business.

1987 For more than a decade, I was associated with Pennzoil Company, serving most recently as General Manager at Pennzoil’s European operations for one of the lubricant industry’s most respected brands.

1980 After graduating from Texas A&M with a Bachelor of Science in economics, my career started in the financial services industry, initially at First City National Bank, and later at MBank in commercial real estate lending. The 1980s were a wild up-and-down ride in Houston, providing valuable experience in understanding and managing business risks and working with customers to develop financing structures that served both the bank and customer needs.