Alberto Rios

Alberto Rios 6

Vice President – Risk Management

My forte in creating advanced risk management strategies is rooted in my proven understanding of complex energy commodities.

2011 Since joining Acclaim Energy, every day has brought evolving opportunities associated with energy commodities prices and risks. Recognized for extensive energy market intelligence, I positively impact our customers’ profitability by tailoring commodity structured products, negotiating complex contracts and developing disciplined, advanced risk management strategies. It’s an honor to be considered an expert resource in the energy industry, and I frequently provide content for blogs and publish in social media outlets.

2004 I led the structure desk pricing and managed a team of analysts at RBS Sempra Commodities for the PJM, New York, California and Texas markets. I was responsible for structuring, pricing and deal execution, developed risk management strategies, executed retail transaction hedges and assisted in managing the Texas market (ERCOT) book through the purchase of Power and Natural Gas. I also played a key role in developing products with our internal cross-functional team and created a formal plan to proactively adapt to new market conditions. Additionally, I originated, structured and managed the sale of electricity from California to industrial clients in Mexico.

1999 Earlier in my career, I was associated with Williams Energy, where I performed market and technical due diligence, prepared financial models and valued economic incentives and optionality of power plants. I also contributed to the drafting and negotiation of power supply contracts, including Tolling and Power Purchase Agreements, for combined cycle plants, simple cycle plants and pump storage. I led the valuation and structuring of a 16-year, 550MW natural gas-fired power plant in MISO. Reflecting my expertise in identifying emerging opportunities and developing strategies, I authored a power supply overview to executive management with economic valuations of more than 80 projects, detailing supply status in terms of off-take contracts, development and supply alternatives and identified the best approach and timing for market entry for all NERC regions in the United States. I also worked closely with the Chief Risk Officer to analyze portfolio effect of long-term purchases and sales of power and natural gas.

1999 I graduated from University of Texas with a Masters of Business Administration in energy finance, which furthered my studies after earning a Bachelor of Science in industrial engineering from Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City. My professional career started in financial services at Banamex, where I structured and originated new credit lines and managed a $30 million portfolio as a loan officer. In a small two-year window, I significantly reduced bad debt credits by 50%.