Ajit Karani

Ajit Karani

Vice President – Information Technology & Business Process Improvement

I enable change through process automation and optimization via technology-driven solutions.

2011 I joined Acclaim Energy to revive my passion for delivering technology solutions. As Director, my role encompasses a wide range of services, including infrastructure design and database management for Office 365, SharePoint and Dynamics CRM deployments. I thrive on materializing ideas into software solutions to eliminate internal redundancies and more efficiently do business, and my list of accomplishments in this regard has benefited Acclaim Energy and our valued customers. Specifically, I’ve delivered in several key areas for Acclaim including total pricing desk automation and reporting, deal capture/mark-to-market for managing portfolio risk, automated demand response of standby generation and remittance processing/accounting.

2008 Seeking a new challenge, I stepped away from the desk to project manage a hotel building re-construction project, including the design and renovation of a sports bar, for Advanced Flow Property Management. My role quickly evolved into total day-to-day management and operations of the $5 million property, where I was specifically responsible for survival during the nationwide economic downturn. Highlighting this project was the tremendous improvement of employee morale due to the positive, empowered environment I created. The results of my efforts culminated with recognition by the franchisor for a 90% increase in quality assurance audit scores.

2003 Property tax collections in Harris County, Texas surpass one billion dollars annually. As a consultant for Appraisal and Collection Technologies, I performed analytical, technical and project management roles during a total systems overhaul from legacy tax collections software. I led all phases of the software development life cycle, from business requirements assessment to application design, for core operational and accounting processes. In 2007, only seven years into my career, thousands of hours managing and executing successful internal projects culminated in my receipt of Project Management Professional (PMP) certification.

2000 I graduated with a Master in Accounting from the University of Texas, but my knack for information technology guided me to start my career as a consultant with a former Big 5 accounting firm, which later became Protiviti. Over the span of two years, I experienced the highs and turbulences of an enterprise-wide systems implementation: a $100 million technology solution for wholesale energy risk management and trading. This challenging experience fueled my interest in the software development arena and paved the path for future roles.