Acclaim Energy Advisors team members and professional consultants
Our team members and their stories

Meet Our Team

Our team of experts has decades of collective experience in the wholesale and retail energy sectors and benefits clients with an unparalleled understanding of strategic energy procurement, energy risk management, demand response, distributed generation, commodities pricing and energy management operations.

Here are their stories:

John D. Elder III
With an eye for identifying emerging opportunities, I’ve been building and leading successful business ventures since high school.

Scott Fordham
I’ve helped every service company on my resume become more valuable, an industry leader, growth oriented and client focused.

Javier Vega
I’ve spent my entire career in the energy industry and have managed operations across the complete life cycle of power and natural gas.

Ryk Holden
I’ve spent 30 years mitigating risks, optimizing energy services and improving financial performance for businesses.

Richard Zdunkewicz
I’ve spent the bulk of my career managing operational complexities to ensure a company can deliver what it sells.

Trish Collins
I have a time-proven record of managing large multi-market electricity and natural gas accounts.

Alberto Rios
My forte in creating advanced risk management strategies is rooted in my proven understanding of complex energy commodities.

Tim Brown
Mine is a story of dedication to and longevity in two careers – one military, one corporate and with a 16-year overlap – that share common threads of operational excellence, discipline and ethics.

Ajit Karani
I enable change through process automation and optimization via technology-driven solutions.