Energy procurementWhat does Acclaim do to ensure I get the best price, terms and conditions?

We first understand your current electricity consumption, demand and expenditures by analyzing and validating one to three years of electric billing history as well as special terms, conditions or rates. We also consider the potential impact of planned energy efficiency initiatives on contract volumes and terms.

Unlike an “energy broker,” Acclaim provides you with a full suite of energy management services throughout the term of your energy agreement. The electricity supply agreement is really just a first step in our overall energy management program. Our suite of services include:

Energy data compilation & utility audit analysis
Energy consumption & demand projections
Introduction and evaluation of retail electric competitors & agreements
Savings & budget projections
Agreement negotiation
Timely agreement execution
Contract transition management
Billing accuracy verification throughout the agreement term
Meter addition & deletion
POWERVIEWS™, Acclaim’s Web-based energy information platform