energy FAQ on ROI and TCO
Did you know?

Clients and vertical markets

What businesses and industries does Acclaim Energy serve?

Energy and the environment

How can Acclaim Energy help our company procure energy tied to our cleaner environment initiative?

Energy-saving solutions

How does Acclaim Energy reduce energy costs for businesses and industries?

Energy procurement

What does Acclaim do to ensure I get the best price, terms and conditions?

Market risks

What risk does my company have if we already entered into a fixed-price energy agreement? Will we still be exposed to price volatility?

Bill verification

What are some of the typical errors identified through historical bill verification?

Historical utility bill verification

Is there a financial risk associated with conducting a historical utility bill verification?

Carbon legislation

What can your company do to help us prepare for carbon legislation?

Optimize expenditures

Can Acclaim assist me in identifying ways to optimize my facilities’ energy and operational expenditures?